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7 Benefits of Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

Pure Essential Oils are naturally occurring extracts from aromatic plants. They occur in the flowers, leaves, wood, gums, seeds, roots, grasses and fruit rind and once extracted contain their own distinctive aroma.

Due to their  soothing, balancing and harmonising effect on both the mind and body, In Essence Pure Essential Oils offer beneficial healing properties to support everyday health and well-being including hormonal imbalances and digestive health. 

Not only is Frankincense a powerful restorative, it’s woody, incense aroma releases a beautifully potent scent when added to your diffuser. 

Stress Reduction

Everybody feels stressed at some point in their lives, whether it’s related to work, relationships, family or anything else. The good news is that frankincense essential oil can help in relieving nervous tension and stress related insomnia by calming your nerves. If you’re looking for a way to relax and refocus, we recommend using Frankincense Pure Essential Oil to enhance your meditation experience and get the clarity you need when you take a time-out. 

Natural Cold Medicine

Keep the flu at bay by having Frankincense Pure Essential Oil close by this winter. Antibacterial properties help fight inflammation and mucous congestion that can clog the nasal passages, as well as providing relief to symptoms of colds, coughs and bronchitis.

Helps to balance hormones 

Adding frankincense essential oil to your routine can help to regulate menstruation and delay the onset of menopause. It’s even effective for reducing other related symptoms, such as abdominal pain, lethargy, mood swings and headaches. 

Skin Treatment

Frankincense can be used as a natural alternative to traditional serums and creams to improve the tone and quality of the skin whilst also improving the appearance of scars, burns and acne. Create a massage blend by diluting 6 drops of Frankincense Pure Essential Oil in 12ml of a carrier oil such as Jojoba and massage to hydrate and tone the skin or treat stretch marks.

Sleep Aid

Unwind peacefully thanks to the rejuvenating properties of frankincense essential oil. This product will reduce chronic stress by relaxing the mind and body so that you can get a good sleep, each and every night. 


Frankincense oil helps to generate healthy cells within the body so that you look and feel amazing. You can also expect improvements to the appearance of your skin by promoting a smooth complexion – a beneficial natural anti-wrinkle remedy. 

The Verdict

The In Essence Frankincense Pure Essential Oil is a potent natural ingredient that brings with it a variety of health benefits. For promoting skin repair, relieve nervous tension, treat coughs and colds and more, enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils, backed by science.

 Try the Frankincense Pure Essential Oil from In Essence today. 


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