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About In Essence

Our pioneering spirit and commitment to sourcing the purest essential oils have defined us from the beginning. Recognising their power, the founding sisters dedicated their lives to educating Australian Women on how to transform their health and wellbeing naturally. With their passion and knowledge, the forerunners went on to achieve Australian industry recognition for the medicinal use of pure essential oils.

Today we are industry leaders with over 30 years’ experience in sourcing and blending Mother Nature’s most powerful pure essential oils.

Such a commitment and vision ensures the reputation of In Essence as providing the complete Aromatherapy destination. We are dedicated to delivering holistic health and wellbeing solutions through the power of pure essential oils backed by science.

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ie: natural health & wellbeing solutions

We've combined some of nature's most powerful pure essential oils to create health and wellbeing solutions backed by science.

IE Breathe

IE Stress

IE Balance

IE Digest

IE Sleep

Best sellers
  1. Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil 25mL
    95% of 100
    Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil 25mL

    Invigorates and refreshes the mind and body.

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  2. Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil 9mL
    100% of 100
    Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil 9mL

     Detoxifying and cleansing to the mind and body.

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  3. Lavender Pure Essential Oil 9mL
    92% of 100
    Lavender Pure Essential Oil 9mL

    Settles, restores and balances mind and body.

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  4. Relaxation Lifestyle Blend 9mL
    90% of 100
    Relaxation Lifestyle Blend 9mL

    Relaxation for rest and serenity.

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  5. Orange Pure Essential Oil 50mL
    100% of 100
    Orange Pure Essential Oil 50mL

    A pleasant uplifting oil which restores the spirit.

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New arrivals
  1. ie: Balance Pack
    ie: Balance Pack

    Bring some balance back into your life pack designed to assist with PMS & menopause. 

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  2. ie: New Mum Pack
    ie: New Mum Pack

    A relaxing trio ideal for new mums.

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  3. Woodgrain USB Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser
    Woodgrain USB Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser

    Perfect to enjoy the therapeutic and aromatic properties of Pure essential oils in smaller areas in the home or work space.

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  4. ie: Sleep Pack
    ie: Sleep Pack

    Save with this limited edition pack, including our ie: Sleep Blend and Therapeutic Diffuser.

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  5. ie: Blends Trio - Physical
    ie: Blends Trio - Physical

    A selection of 9ml ie Essential Oil Blends to help relieve physical ailments such as cold & flu, headache and indigestion. 

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  6. Willow Ultrasonic Diffuser
    Willow Ultrasonic Diffuser

    Create a pure sanctuary with the Willow Ultrasonic Diffuser.

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Essential Oils 101

Using pure essential oils can transform your health and wellbeing. Here's everything you need to know.


How to use essential oils

From morning to night, see all the ways you can use essential oils throughout the day.


Responsible use

Essential oils are powerful concentrated liquids which means a little respect and care is needed for safe practice.