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ie: Sleep Essential Oil Blend 25mL

A calming blend of essential oils traditionally used in aromatherapy to reduce restlessness & improve quality of sleep.

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  • ie: Sleep Essential Oil Blend 25mL 8825051 Box


  • ie: Sleep Essential Oil Blend 25mL 8825051 Box


  • ie: Sleep Essential Oil Blend 25mL 8825051 Box


  • ie: Sleep Essential Oil Blend 25mL 8825051 Box


  • ie: Sleep Essential Oil Blend 25mL 8825051 Box

    100% PURE


Looking for oils to help you sleep? Welcome this bedtime blend of relaxing lavender, mandarin, roman chamomile & valerian to your collection. This calming blend of essential oils prepares the body and mind for a good night sleep, reducing the symptoms of mild insomnia by calming a busy mind when it’s finally time to rest. As part of traditional aromatherapy practice, use our essential oil blends for sleeping by massaging directly onto the body or through a stylish diffuser. Offering properties similar to a mild sedative, the Sleep Essential Oil Blend helps disrupted sleeping patterns to bring peace and comfort. Sleep soundly and relieve nervous tension, restlessness and mild anxiety with mother nature’s purest essential oils. For insomnia and a poor sleep cycle, this blend is the health and wellbeing solution that will bring tranquillity to your mind and body.


  • Adults only
  • Always read the label. Use only as directed
  • Never apply neat to the skin unless directed
  • Do not ingest without the advice of a registered clinician
  • Keep bottles out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with eyes

If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional

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How to use this product

Diffuse: Add 6-9 drops (0.2mL-0.3mL) to the water in your diffuser.

Massage: Add 6 drops (0.2mL) to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil and Massage.


Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) Herb Top Flowering

Mandarin (Citrus Reticulata) Fruit Peel

Roman Chamomile (Chamamelum Nobile) Flower

Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis) Root


It really works.

I use this every night on my diffuser bangle I have had sleep problems for 5 years because of medication, now I take a little time to fall asleep and it is wonderful I Thank my daughter for gifting it to me with the vaporiser and in essence" for the product."

A scent to look forward to.

The sleep essential oil blend has become a part of my nightly routine, once I place the drops into my vaporiser I immediately feel relaxed. I know that I'll be able to breathe better and sleep more deeply throughout the night. I wake up fresh and more hydrated every day. My room is also filled with a beautiful aroma in the morning.

Sleep oil is fantastic.

I use the sleep oil everynight with the sleep diffuser. Absolutely love it. Not only do I sleep well but the bedroom smells lovely too.

It Works.

This works so well for me and also the smell is divine

Great Product.

I love this mix - I have always had a lot of trouble sleeping and I take several meds to help me. When I put this oli on at night I just drift off - I can't keep my eyes open!

Best product I have brought.

Both my husband and I were having trouble sleeping, I purchased the sleep and added to diffuser and we sleep all through the night. Now every night I have it on in our room and most night we sleep through to our alarms. I love this product and it will definitely be on in my room every night from now on. The smell is really nice, highly recommend A+++


I struggle to get to sleep. Sometimes I am even up until 3 in the morning. I put a few drops in my diffuser last night and hoped before the best. Before I knew it I was waking up at 7am . My partner told me it took me less than half an hour to get to sleep (which is a record for me as it usually takes me 2-3 hours) I cant thank this brand enough !!!


I have been using this in my own room and my daughter's room. Has helped so much with her, going to sleep. Recommend for children who are a bit stubborn to go to sleep.


I have had anxiety and severe insomnia for years tried everything available. Using iSleep in the mini diffuser at night has helped me fall and stay asleep. This is amazing . Thank you inessence

I can now sleep..

I put this oil on before bed in a diffuser and leave it running for about 3 hours as I go off to sleep. It's made falling asleep and staying asleep so much easier as I'm a very light sleeper normally and this oil work so well I've slept like a log ever since using it. The scent is also lovely and very relaxing. I love it in a diffuser!

Works like a charm.

I bought this oil when I got the theraputic diffuser as I was having trouble sleeping of a night. From the first use I noticed a huge difference and I have not been waking up multiple times a night! I've never been a fan of lavender but this oil blend is beautiful and I won't be without it

Definately works on mum..tween still yet to try..

I intially put this oil in my daughters room. Perhaps Friday night is not the best time to do a test trial while having a friend sleep over, because when i came in she had turned it off. So, i took it into my room , mixed it with some balance and went straight to sleep .It works!

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ie: Sleep Essential Oil Blend 25mL $34.95
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