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How to Use Pure Essential Oils For Pregnancy

Aromatherapy and the use of pure essential oils is a beautiful and supportive therapy for both mother and baby. It can provide an enriching dimension to a woman’s experience during this time and ease her discomfort and reduce stress levels.

Discover how you can use essential oils during the three trimesters of pregnancy in a safe manner for you and your baby.

Essential Oils for the First Trimester
No essential oils are to be applied to the body during the first three months of pregnancy. Instead, there are alternative ways essential oils can be used that will still provide benefits your well-being during this time.

Morning Sickness: Create a Spritz of 2 drops Lime and 1 drop of Mandarin in 80ml water and spritz into surrounding air or dispense a drop of each on a tissue and inhale at intervals. This method should help relieve the symptoms of nausea during morning sickness.

Emotional Support: Pregnancy can be an emotional time, so it’s important to give yourself a mental uplift wherever possible. Aromatherapy can significantly help with this by revitalising the senses. In Essence recommends creating a vapor from lavender pure essential oil, roman chamomile and mandarin. Only one drop of each is required.

In Essence Tip: Use Jojoba oil as a daily moisturiser during the whole term of pregnancy to promote elasticity and nourish the skin. In the first trimester, we suggest using as a facial moisturiser only.

Essential Massage Oils for Second & Third Trimesters
As you reach the second and third trimesters, your physical discomfort may increase depending on how your baby is sitting. This is perfectly normal; however essential oils used for massage or as vaporisation can help relieve and soothe some of your symptoms.
Recommended oils include Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Neroli, Mandarin, Lime and Orange.
Some of the ways you can use them include:
Daily vaporisation: A drop each of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit will not only will it freshen the senses but create a relaxing environment.
Aromatic Bath: Enjoy a relaxing bath with lavender and Roman chamomile to help soothe and relax the body while preparing for sleep. 1 drop of each.
Weekly Massage: Especially in the third trimester, massage is vital to ensure your comfort and soothe stiff or aching joints and muscles. Use massage oils from In Essence to increase the effectiveness of your massage, and continue to moisturise each day with Jojoba.
In Essence Tip: Carry your In Essence 100ml spritz bottle everywhere you go for daily survival. Add 2 drops of lavender to calm and 2 drops of lime to help with feeling queasy.

Essential Oils During Labour
While you should follow the advice of your medical practitioner during labour, essential oils can help soothe during labour. We recommend trying the following:
Delivery support blend: Vaporise geranium, lavender and clary sage (1 drop of each) to relax and help relieve the emotional ordeal of delivery.
Lower back pain: Compress frankincense, jasmine and lavender (1 drop of each) on lower back to help relieve the discomfort of contractions.
In Essence tip: Spritz 3 drops of Peppermint to refresh room and clear the head.


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