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Wire Basket Diffuser

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$49.98 $99.95
Wire Basket Diffuser
100% of 100
$49.98 $99.95
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The Wire Basket Ultrasonic Diffuser is sure to become a centre piece in your home. A fine cool mist disperses the pure essential oil particles throughout the air, releasing therapeutic properties while creating a beautiful ambience accompanied by a warm glow.

Designed with ultrasonic wave technology the Wire Basket Diffuser work on the vibration of water rather than heat, making it safe to use in any setting, even when sleeping. Additional features include an option to select either continuous and intermittent mist modes, adjustable light brightness, remote control for convenience and 3 hours of uninterrupted operation time.

3 hour run time
100ml Water Capacity
BPA free
Option for candle flicker light
Continuous and Intermittent option

How to use this product

1. Place on a flat surface in a safe and convenient position. Keep out of reach of children. 2. Remove the Glass Cover and Water Tank from the Wire Basket. 3. Remove the lid from the water tank and fill to the maximum water level indicated inside. 4. Replace the lid of the water tank and place into the wire basket, making sure the POWER button at the bottom of the water tank lines up with the hole at the bottom of the basket. Replace the glass cover 5. Attach the adaptor cord to the diffuser and insert the plug into the power socket. 6. Press POWER on the controller to adjust the mist. Press ONCE for intermittent mist mode only. Mist will work in 15 second on/off cycles for 6 hours until auto shut off. Press TWICE to turn on continuous mist mode only. Mist will work continuously for 3 hours until auto shut off. 8. Press LIGHT on the controller to turn on the light. 9. Press BRIGHTNESS to adjust the light brightness.

Click here to download the manual

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How do you clean the diffuser?

You can wipe it clean with paper towel and Eucalyptus, white vinegar, or bi-carb of soda. Wash the cover with lukewarm, soapy (not chemical based) water. Be sure not to immerse the diffuser into the water as this will damage the unit.

How often should the diffuser be cleaned?

Every time you change your oil or blend, we recommend you wipe the diffuser clean. Essential oil molecules may attach to the cover, and can impact on the aroma of the new oil or blend.

How far do the essential oils disperse in a room?

Essential oils are capable of filling a room of all sizes. This will ultimately depend on air flow within the room, and humidity, amongst other factors.

Is the Diffuser electric or battery operated?

This In Essence Diffuser is power operated. To use the diffuser simply place on a flat surface and insert plug to a suitable power source.

How long do essential oil particles remain in the air?

Depending on the essential oils chosen, the particles released into the air, remain airborne long after the diffuser is switched off.

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I use this every day without fail. It has a gentle bubbling noise which is very soothing and looks fantastic in my home.
Diffuses great & the remote to operate is cute too.

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  2. Excellent product
    I use this every day without fail. It has a gentle bubbling noise which is very soothing and looks fantastic in my home.
    Diffuses great & the remote to operate is cute too.

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