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Winter prep your home

Get on top of the flu season this year with immune enhancing winter blends.

ie: Immune

Just before peak winter hits diffuse 6-9 drops of ie: Immune to help fight symptoms of the common cold.

Helps relieve symptoms of:
✔ Mild fever
✔ Runny nose
✔ Common cold & flu symptoms
✔ Sore throat

Shop ie: Immune Essential Oil Blend 25mL here.

ie: Headache

Relieve your headache symptoms naturally with ie: Headache Pure Essential Oil.

Helps relieve symptoms of:
✔ Headache
✔ Mild migraine
✔ Sinusitis
✔ Nausea

Shop ie: Headache Essential Oil Blend 25mL here.

ie: Breathe

Create a safe breathing space with ie: Breathe to break down bronchial congestion.

Helps relieve symptoms of:
✔ Cold and flu
✔ Sinusitis
✔ Mucous congestion
✔ Bronchial cough

Shop ie: Breathe Essential Oil Blend 25mL here.

ie: Hayfever

Seasonal allergies setting in? ie: Hayfever provides relief from symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.

Helps relieve symptoms of:
✔ Seasonal allergies
✔ Headache
✔ Nasal secretions
✔ Respiratory congestion

Shop ie: Hay Fever Essential Oil Blend 25mL here.

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