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Wellness Ambassadors

Welcome to our Wellness Ambassador Centre

Here you will find a community created to inspire and empower through the exploration of individual self-care journeys within our network of extraordinary women. Discover the stories from our inner circle of In Essence Wellness Ambassadors on how they integrate essential oils and positive practices into their everyday.

Sarah Holloway

Personality behind @spoonful_of_sarah and owner & founder of Matcha Maiden & Matcha Mylk Bar in Melbourne Victoria, discusses pure essential oils for digestion.

Sarah Holloway on her experience with pure essential oils

Q: How did you start using Essential Oils?
A: I started using Essentials Oils because of the scent. I love how they smell so much and they are so uplifting, they can really influence your mood. It started that way without me understanding that they have so many other benefits for your wellbeing. At the time, I was going through a bit of a ‘natural revolution’ so moving all of my beauty, all of my makeup, skincare, trying to get away from toxins and move more to natural therapies. Slowly slowly after discovering them for their smell, I realised that there are actual therapeutic uses as well for essential oils. Now I know that you need to get things that are TGA approved, that have therapeutic uses and that have proven results. I love that there are each different ingredient, but then there is also pre-blended blends that are a really good entry point when you are not as familiar with the ingredients.

Q: Which Essential Oils do you use?
A: I discovered the ie: range, and the digest blend which is already pre-blended and I enjoy diffusing that but I also love mixing it into a carrier oil and rubbing it on my tummy, because then it is topical and actually targeted to the spot that is troubling me. And that you can treat so many things that I would have before reached for a tablet or some kind of medication for, that you can treat them naturally. In certain parts of the season I would get hay fever so I’d use those specific oils and then during my premenstrual period I use balance, and when I got tummy issues I use digest, and then sleeping, there is one for everything.

Q: What’s your favourite way to use Essential Oils?
A: Diffusing, that’s the main way that I use them, because I love that it’s really passive, you don't even have to think about it and you are creating a beautiful environment for yourself, just passively. I do it in my office, and just leave it on during the day for inspiration and energy particularly around the 3 o’clock 4 o’clock lull, when things might feel a bit stale and you haven’t had a lot of fresh air.

Rebecca Gawthorne

Accredited Dietitian, Nutritionist and personality behind @nourish_naturally discusses the use of pure essential oils for stress.

Rebecca Gawthorne - Dietitian & Nutritionist

I use In Essence pure essential oils because registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, so knowing that they have got the quality assurance all the way along from the farm to the bottle just assures me that what I am purchasing and then using is a legitimate product, and it really will have those therapeutic benefits.

I use them in the diffuser at the moment and I basically have that on all day just because I find its creates a really nice environment when I am at home working, because I work from home doing a lot of my photos and then my blogging. But then I also learnt today the massage side of it, I’m definitely going to be using that post run.

With the stress management side of things I find that it using them really helps calm me. I find that I can concentrate for longer periods of time as well and then work more efficiently, and then also I find I get better sleep when use them as well, I also take them travelling so that way, when I do need to sleep either on a plane or at a different location to my normal bed, I just find I can sleep a lot easier because it reminds me of being at home, and it creates that relaxed environment for me.

So if you suffer from stress eating or emotional eating, a really good strategy would be to use some of these essential oils in helping to manage your stress levels when I comes to those stress binge eating times.

Anna Strode

Anna @bubs2bikinis is the ‘Fit Twin Mumma’, motivating other mothers to exercise for their happiness, energy and positivity.

Anna Strode

I just wanted to look into something that was a bit more natural and that was going to be great for the kids as well.

So then I came across In Essence and I just wanted something that was great for me, great for the kids as well, to keep me balanced, to reduce my stress and anxiety and help me approach every day with energy as well.

So the stress blend for me just really puts a calming effect on the house, so I’ll get up in the morning, I’ll put a few drops in the diffuser and I find it not only helps with my stress and anxiety, but I find that the children are a lot calmer as well.

Any mum will tell you that sleep is such a priority especially with children. I love the sleep blend, I use it a lot for me so each night before bed I’ll put few drops in the diffuser, I find it’s a great thing to have part of our bedtime routine.

I love the In Essence brand because 100% pure essential oil, it’s also really important for me to buy Australian products, so knowing that it’s made in Australia, it’s safe for the whole family.