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Therapeutic Diffuser

Therapeutic Diffuser
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The Therapeutic Diffuser is a safe, effective and pleasant way to use pure essential oils both therapeutically and for creating ambience. Pure essential oil molecules are dispersed into the air in their purest form, enhancing the effects of aromatherapy. The unit stays cool to touch as there is no heating element, so it is safe for all the family.

Features include:

Ultrasonic technology - with 10 hours of continuous mist and 4 timer settings.

8 LED colour light options.

Ioniser - the diffuser uses electricity to negatively charge the air molecules. This helps to purify the air, remove dust, pollen, bacteria and odors.

Humidifies - releases moisture and humidifies the air. A solution for both hot and dry air during summer or winter when the heating is turned on.

Auto Shut Off - an important safety feature, once all the water in the tank has evaporated, the diffuser will automatically shut off to protect from burning or damage.

300 ml Water Capacity

BPA free

Option for no light

How to use this product

1. Place on a flat surface in a safe and convenient position. Keep out of reach of children. 2. Remove the upper cover. Connect the AC adapter to the base of the DC socket. Add water to tank with measuring cup. Do not fill beyond the max level mark. Add 6-9  drops of In Essence pure essential oils into the water in the tank (avoid chemical, synthetic oils as these will cause product to malfunction) 3.Replace the cover of the main body . 4. Press Mist button to turn on the diffuser. 

Click here to download the manual

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How do you clean the diffuser?

You can wipe it clean with paper towel and Eucalyptus, white vinegar, or bi-carb of soda. Wash the cover with lukewarm, soapy (not chemical based) water. Be sure not to immerse the diffuser into the water as this will damage the unit.

How often should the diffuser be cleaned?

Every time you change your oil or blend, we recommend you wipe the diffuser clean. Essential oil molecules may attach to the cover, and can impact on the aroma of the new oil or blend.

How far do the essential oils disperse in a room?

Essential oils are capable of filling a room of all sizes. This will ultimately depend on air flow within the room, and humidity, amongst other factors.

How long do essential oil particles remain in the air?

Depending on the essential oils chosen, the particles released into the air, remain airborne long after the diffuser is switched off.

Is the Diffuser electric or battery operated?

This In Essence Diffuser is power operated. To use the diffuser simply place on a flat surface and insert plug to a suitable power source.

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