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Rebecca Gawthorne on using essential oils for stress

Rebecca Gawthorne On Stress

Rebecca Gawthorne – Dietitian & Nutritionist

I use In Essence pure essential oils because registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, so knowing that they have got the quality assurance all the way along from the farm to the bottle just assures me that what I am purchasing and then using is a legitimate product, and it really will have those therapeutic benefits.

I use them in the diffuser at the moment and I basically have that on all day just because I find its creates a really nice environment when I am at home working, because I work from home doing a lot of my photos and then my blogging. But then I also learnt today the massage side of it, I’m definitely going to be using that post run.

With the stress management side of things I find that it using them really helps calm me. I find that I can concentrate for longer periods of time as well and then work more efficiently, and then also I find I get better sleep when use them as well, I also take them travelling so that way, when I do need to sleep either on a plane or at a different location to my normal bed, I just find I can sleep a lot easier because it reminds me of being at home, and it creates that relaxed environment for me.

So if you suffer from stress eating or emotional eating, a really good strategy would be to use some of these essential oils in helping to manage your stress levels when I comes to those stress binge eating times.


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