Overnight Repair Facial Treatment Oil 30mL

A regenerating blend of Palmarosa, Rosewood and Neroli to repair and heal dehydrated skin whilst sleeping.



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A regenerating blend of Palmarosa, Rosewood and Neroli to repair and heal dehydrated skin whilst sleeping. Features a base of organic Camellia infused with Lavender, Australian Sandalwood, Jasmine and Vitamin E to stimulate cell rejuvenation and restore skin elasticity at the deepest level. Wake up with skin that feels visibly strengthened, hydrated and renewed.

How to use this product

After cleansing, Massage 2-3 drops directly onto the face and neck area. Use morning and evening as a treatment oil or before applying moisturiser. For added hydration boost combine a few drops with your favourite moisturiser and delight the senses with each application.


Camellia Oil* (camellia oleifera) seed oil

Jojoba Oil (simmondsia chinensis)

Apricot Kernal Oil (prunus armeniaca) kernal oil

Peach Kernel Oil (prunus persica) kernel oil

Evening Primrose Oil (oenothera biennis )oil

Natural Vitamin (tocopherol)

Calendula Co2 Extract (calendula officinalis) flower extract

Palmarosa Oil (cymbopogon martini) oil

Rosewood Oil (aniba rosaedora) wood oil

Lavender Oil (lavandula angustifola) oil

Bergamot Oil Non-Phototoxic (citrus aurantium bergamia) fruit oil

Neroli Oil (citrus aurantium) flower oil

Australian Sandalwood Oil (santalum spicata) wood oil

Jasmine Absolute (jasminum officinale flower extract).

*Certified Organic Raw Materials


Should I cleanse my face before applying?
Yes, it’s recommended to cleanse the face prior to using the facial treatment.

I have sensitive skin can, will this affect my skin?
Our facial oils are formulated with all-natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types


This a beautiful facial oil which absorbs easily.

I have dry sensitive skin and normally the facial oils I use just seem to sit on top of my skin. This oil smells lovely absorbs easily and quickly and I wake up with soft skin in the morning. I love it!

Cured my daughter's eczema.

This repair oil is amazing. My four year old daughter suffers from eczema and we've thrown so many things at it, from multiple leading brands of specialised eczema cream, mild and prescription only steroid cream all of which have only managed her eczema breakout from getting worse but not helped in healing the skin itself. Since the onset of winter her eczema has been so severe that we can't get on top of the breakouts. For the last week we have literally threw every cream in the house on her in the hopes it would help, including inessence's overnight repair cream. After one application mixed in with our daily moisturiser to the worse affected area of her body, the neck, we noticed a massive reduction in the dry red spots overnight. In the areas we continued to use her normal steroid cream these areas remain unchanged. We discontinued the use of her steroid cream and continued moisturising all over her body with a combination of moisturiser and the oil and her eczema has since disappeared. I can't express the relief we have that we can discontinue the use of the steroid cream for a natural product!!

A great addition to my bedtime routine!.

I used the In Essence Skin Therapy Overnight Repair Facial Oil each night after cleansing my face and neck. This product is really lovely; it absorbs quickly into my skin and I adore the pleasant scent. It adds a lot of hydration to my skin, and although I haven't seen an improvement in the reduction of fine lines and/or wrinkles, it has made my skin softer and more supple, so I am certainly pleased about that. I have never used an oil as part of my bedtime beauty routine, but I am really enjoying it and I think I will convert to using this regularly as I am happy with the results that I have experienced whilst trialling this product. Like the Camellia Treatment Oil, this comes in an outer white cardboard box, but the bottle is clear with a golden-hued oil contained inside. Only a few drops of this oil is needed to cover my face and neck areas, so I think that this product will last quite a while. I would recommend this product especially to those wanting an extra boost of hydration to their skin before bed

Beautiful soothing scent + highly absorbent.

I was lucky enough to trial this product (along with the Organic Camellia Facial Oil) and I am already a huge fan after just a few short weeks of using it. Every evening, I would wash my face as usual, then apply my eye cream. To get a variety of results, one week I used this facial oil on it's own (without using moisturiser) and the second week I used it along with my usual evening moisturiser. The oil comes in a very sturdy glass bottle, along with a removable lid that has a button to 'suck up' and extract the oil through the glass tip. I gently massage this oil on my face, neck and even my colletage- a little goes a long way. It absorbs very quickly (I would say around 10-30 seconds for full absorption). It doesn't leave any oily or sticky residue at all. It smells so so good. The Neroli and Sandalwood notes really stands out for me. I noticed an overnight improvement of my skins suppleness. It is incredibly hydrating and especially good for dryer skin. However, I have oily/combination (with some dry patches) and I found a reduction in the oil levels my skin was producing since using this facial oil. I preferred to use this Facial oil on it's own rather than adding it to my moisturiser- it does however provide that extra level of hydration for super dry skin if you to add a drop or two to your moisturiser! I haven't noticed a huge reduction in fine lines, although they are slightly minimized. This facial oil is tremendous for hydration and nourishment, and with the bonus soothing scent, it makes for a perfect addition to my evening routine.

Healthy hydrated younger looking skin.

I have been trialling the Overnight Repair Treatment Oil for about three weeks now am pleased to say that this oil really works. Its just like a miracle oil doing its magic on our skin while we sleep. It repairs and heals dehydrated skin, stimulating cell rejuvenation and restores skins elasticity at the deepest level so when you wake up in the morning after applying the cream your skin will feel visibly strengthened, hydrated and renewed. Every night after shower, I apply the overnight repair treatment oil to my face and neck massaging it well. The oil comes in a glass bottle with a silver dropper. The dropper makes it so easy to use. All you need is 2 to 3 drops and a little goes a long way. The oil has a lovely smell and gets easily absorbed in the skin without the greasy feeling and is great for all skin types. You can also apply your night cream after massaging the oil if you like. My skin looks and feels smoother, younger, healthier and well hydrated. Any Tips?: Apply a few drops at night to neck and face massaging it well. Ideal For...: anyone looking for younger, healthier , hydrated and beautiful skin.

sparrow x.2018-01-30
Hydrating with a calming scent.

This oil comes in comes in a glass bottle with a dropper that is really easy to use. The bottle is beautiful and looks really nice on my bathroom shelf. The scent is amazing and creates a nice spa-like experience when using it. It is totally calming and not irritating or overwhelming. I suffer from sinus issues and it doesn't trigger me at all. I applied this oil at nighttime and woke up with super soft skin which was supple and plump looking. The oil is easy to apply and absorbs quickly and works its magic overnight. My skin definitely looked renewed in the morning and I loved the glow it left me. When using this oil I did have a few blemishes but they have subsided and I haven't had any since. They may have just been hormonal and time will tell. This oil definitely improved the appearance of my skin. My fine line are still present but their appearance is reduced due to the plumpness of my hydrated skin. Thanks for letting me trial this product! Any Tips?: Use after cleansing and don't restrict to just your face; apply to neck and chest area also.

Better suited to drier skin types.

For the past weeks I've been putting this In Essence Overnight Repair Treatment Oil to the test at night, whilst using the In Essence Organic Camellia Treatment Oil during the day. Common for both oils, is that I have used them after cleansing my skin, but prior to my usual moisturiser. The Overnight Treatment Oil is very concentrated, and hence I only need to use a few drops to cover my full face and neck, and getting just the right amount is easy thanks to the convenient dropper. The oil is light and absorbs fairly easily into the skin, although does leave it feeling a tad greasy for a few moments. With my combination skin prone to breakouts, I am always concerned when using oils as well as concentrated products fearing they will make my skin congested and cause breakouts. And I did find that my skin was a tad greasy in the morning, especially on the warmer nights, so I started using it every second night only, which my skin clearly preferred. The oil contains among others organic camellia, palmarosa, neroli and vitamin E, and claims to repair and regenerate skin for a healthy, glowing complexion, and I can confirm that, in spite of only using every second night, and not daily as recommended, my skin is definitely looking more glowing and radiant after using this oil. My skin also seems softer and more thoroughly moisturised, and consequently fine lines and wrinkles perhaps slightly minimised too. The oil comes in a simple but stunning glass bottle with a silver lid, and the oil has a nice scent from the organic ingredients. At times this scent can seem a little strong, but it does fade as it absorbs into the skin, but if you're not into scented products, this may not be one for you. Any Tips?: using sparingly Ideal For...: This Overnight Repair Treatment Oil is recommended for all skin types, but I would say that it is probably more suited for those with normal to dry skin.

Wake up with great skin.

Thank you to beautyheaven and In Essence for sending me the Skin Therapy Overnight Treatment Oil along with the Organic Camellia Treatment Oil to road test for the trial team! I'm now a facial oil convert being over 35 with mature skin that is prone to dryness, which of course exacerbate the signs of ageing. This oil is meant for use as an overnight treatment as it contains a wealth of lovely nourishing oils that aim to restore the health and youthfulness of your skin while you sleep. The bottle is a lovely slimline glass one with a bright yellow colour that distinguishes it from the Camellia treatment oil. The silver screw top lid with dropper makes it so easy to control the dose you dispense onto your hand or onto your skin. I used this nightly for a couple of weeks, applying to clean skin on my face and neck before my moisturiser, and sometimes with an added drop or two into my moisturiser if my skin was particularly dry. The oil is clear and lightweight, it is barely noticeable on my skin just a few seconds after applying it so no greasy feel or residue. The fragrance for this oil to me was almost imperceptible, which for a pregnant woman with superhuman smelling capabilities can be a blessing. My dry skin really lapped up all the moisture this oil had to offer, as when I woke up in the morning my skin appeared hydrated and nourished, with less noticeable lines and no visible dry patches that tend to appear throughout the day, Over the past few weeks, the condition of my skin has definitely improved, with my skin looking less tired and aged than it did coming out of winter. In conjunction with the Treatment Oil, this product has really done wonders for my dry skin. I am definitely going to keep using it, and given that you only need a couple of drops per application, I am sure the bottle will last for months, which makes this great value coming in at jut under $50 for a treatment product. Any Tips?: There isn't much residue left with this lightweight oil, but if I was a bit heavy handed with the dropper I just used the excess on my decolletage or the dry ends of my hair! Ideal For...: Great for dry and more mature skin in need of extra nourishment and repair.

bh's natasha.2018-01-30
Luxurious Overnight Facial Oil.

The In Essence Overnight Repair Treatment Oil is a beautiful formulation and a delight to use. Depending on how my skin is feeling in the evening, I either massage the Treatment Oil directly into my skin after cleansing or layer on top of my serum if I have any particular concerns I need to address (I have sensitive/combination skin and sometimes experience redness/breakouts so may have to apply serum prior to this). The Treatment Oil is lovely and thick (thicker than single origin oils I am used to) and when first applied to my face I can feeeeel the oil being absorbed by my skin, a feeling which I really enjoy and savour (yep, crazy about facial oils). The lavender, sandalwood and jasmine scent is calming and helps me wind down from the day. Once fully absorbed I hop into bed and my skin already feels plump and hydrated. The In Essence Overnight Repair Treatment Oil works to repair and regenerate skin while you sleep but still allows your skin to breathe, which means I wake up to a soft, smooth and glowing complexion and I feel as fresh as my face! Any Tips?: Adjust use depending on how your skin feels that day.

Luxury in a bottle.

This was a complete blind purchase, I was lucky enough to purchase this when it was on sale, picking it up for a small $15 and oh boy - I am so glad I got my hands on it! I have been using this product for little over a week and the changes in my skin have been dramatic. My skin feels softer than it has in a very long time and visible signs of redness around my nostrils have been majorly reduced. The packaging of this product is very luxurious, boasting a glass bottle and a push dropper with a beautiful flower imprint on the bottle. It recommends to use between 2-3 drops but I use four small ones, one on my forehead, one on each cheek and one on my chin. The last couple of days I have been using my electric facial brush to really massage the product into my skin. The scent of this oil is a combination of camellia, calendula, neroli and sandalwood which I find devine but if you're not into scents it may be somewhat overbearing for you. I am a huge fan of this product and will definitely be repurchasing! Any Tips?: It says to use between 2-3 drops but I use 4 because I love the way it feels on my skin! Ideal For...: People with dry/normal skin.

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