Organic Camellia Facial Treatment Oil 30mL

The ultimate antioxidant, protecting from environmental damage, premature ageing and pigmentation.

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  • Organic Camellia Facial Treatment Oil 30mL 8823000 1

    100% PURE

  • Organic Camellia Facial Treatment Oil 30mL 8823000 1


  • Organic Camellia Facial Treatment Oil 30mL 8823000 1


  • Organic Camellia Facial Treatment Oil 30mL 8823000 1



Camellia oil is rich in Oleic Acid, Vitamins A, B and E and is known to protect from environmental damage, premature ageing and pigmentation. Rapidly absorbed, just a few drops of this liquid life force will deliver intense hydration to the skin and restore a natural, healthy glow.

How to use this product

After cleansing, Massage 2-3 drops directly onto the face and neck area. Use morning and evening as a treatment oil or before applying moisturiser. For added hydration boost combine a few drops with your favourite moisturiser and delight the senses with each application.


Camellia Oil* (Camellia Oleifera Seed)

*Certified Organic Raw Materials*


Should I cleanse my face before applying?
Yes, it’s recommended to cleanse the face prior to using the facial treatment.

I have sensitive skin can, will this affect my skin?
Our facial oils are formulated with all-natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types


Lovely change to my usual moisturising regime.

I used the In Essence Skin Therapy Organic Camellia Treatment Oil once a day in the morning. I love how this product is absorbed super-quickly into my skin. The scent is subtle. I like the drop applicator as it makes it easy to apply the product to my face and neck areas. I used this on it's own (ie. without any other added moisturisers) and it was adequate at keeping my skin nourished and hydrated. The packaging is nice; a small white outer cardboard box, and a blue hued bottle containing the oil inside. It clearly states that the product is not tested on animals (something I always look for), and it is an Australian made product, which is also important to me. As I've only been using this product for a short while, I can't say if this will reduce fine lines in future, but I am pleased with the moisturising/hydrating benefits thus far

Highly moisturising, gives your skin a natural glow..

I trialed this along with the In Essence overnight treatment oil. I used this solely during the day, and not at night. It comes in gorgeous, great quality packaging- a blue solid bottle and a removable lid/ button applicator that dispenses the oil into drops. Camellia is known for being a luxurious flower, and this facial oil is exactly that. Camellia contains Vitamins A, B and E and it is very nourishing and hydrating. I wash my face each morning, and then apply a few small drops of this oil on my face, let it absorb and then apply my makeup. It is not at all thick or sticky, and much like the overnight repair oil, it absorbs very quickly. It also smells divine- not at all overpowering. It didn't make my skin oily throughout the day- if anything it helped combat it! I noticed a difference in my skins elasticity immediately whilst using this oil. It instantly hydrates and helps any dry patches disappear without that heavy feeling some facial oils give. It also improved my foundation application in the morning- it gave me a beautiful dewy glow. If you're a fan of Facial oils, I highly recommend trying this oil. I would favour it over Rose hip oil by far. I hope that over the course of a few months, it will help reduce my fine lines on my forehead- and I believe that it will.

good basic oil.

the packaging is good - I always appreciate a glass bottle and a dropper when it comes to oils. the glass seems reasonably thick which is good - i often drop things (on carpet). I'm not that keen on the smell of the oil. It has a slightly herbal scent - im not quite sure if I lie it or not. i apply the oil in the morning and at night. for some reason, my skin is unusually dry. I find the oil to be hydrating but i don't know if it beats my go-to coconut oil. I have mixed feelings - its god but i dont know if it beats my go-to coconut oil. Any Tips?: can be used on any dry skin. Ideal For...: dry, dehydrated skin

beautiful and healthy skin that glows.

I have been trialling the Organic Camellia Facial Oil for about three weeks now and am happy with the results I received. My skin feels well hydrated and I look younger. My face has also gone lot smoother and clearer. My skin feels healthy and has a nice glow. The larger, deeper pores on my cheeks have gone noticeably smaller and smoother while the smaller pores are completely gone .The oil comes in a blue coloured glass bottle with a silver dropper that makes it really easy to use . All you need to do is every morning after washing your face and neck take 2 to 3 drops of oil and massage it well on your face and neck. You can also use a moisturiser with the oil if you like. What I do every morning , after washing my face and neck , I take a small amount of my day time moisturising cream on my palm , add a few drops of the organic camellia oil, mix it well and massage it on my face and neck. I found that by mixing the oil with the cream really helps my skin and keeps it well moisturised and protected through the day. The oil has a lovely smell and gets easily absorbed in my skin. My skin does not feel greasy with the oil on. It is easy to apply make-up after putting the oil treatment. I also like the fact that this oil is made in Australia and is for all skin types. This oil also protects our skin from environmental damage, premature ageing and pigmentation. This oil is that good that only a few drops of it can deliver intense hydration to your skin, restoring a natural, healthy glow. Any Tips?: In the morning , after cleansing your face and neck, apply a few drops of oil mixed with your favourite daytime moisturising cream massaging it well. Ideal For...: All skin types and anyone looking for skin that is hydrated, healthy, smoother, younger looking and glowing.

Favourite new oil.

I will start off by I love the packaging of the products. The oil is packaged in nice glass bottles with dropper style lid and contains 30 ml of product. I trailed this along with In essence overnight treatment and only used the camellia oil in the morning. Here is what I liked about the oil: - It has very subtle scent - Love the dropper style lid as it made application very easy and less messy - The oil absorbed quickly into my skin and doesn't leave any sticky feeling behind - I really like the glow and hydration it provides - Every time I use I swear it makes my pores look a lot smaller and my skin produces less sebum. - It also great to mix in it moisturiser for an extra boost of hydration. I have been using rose hip oil for many years but after using this I like this one far more. As I have only used this for short time, can't comment how much it reduces pigmentation but overall definitely a great oil to add to your skincare routine. Any Tips?: Use it alone or mix it in moisturiser. Ideal For...: All skin types.

Light and hydrating!.

I prefer single oils over oil blends. Camellia oil is quite a light oil, so it doesn't make you feel like a grease-ball - a major plus! A few drops is all you need (either over your daily serum/clean skin or mixed in with your daily moisturiser) for plump, hydrated skin. It doesn't break me out thankfully (I have combination skin and had acne in the past). I wouldn't substitute it over one of my serums, because it doesn't have the same amount of actives or advanced delivery system, but as a hydration booster, it works very well (as long as you don't use to much, otherwise it will just create an occlusive film over the skin like all oils do when used in excess). It will give you a dewey glow, so not for you, if you prefer a matt look. A bottle will also probably last me for a long, long time, since you only use a few drops per application. Any Tips?: Use on damp skin, for the oil to absorb more easily. Also, press it into the skin using the palms of your hand. Ideal For...: Dry, mature or normal skin.

sparrow x.2018-01-30
A lovely scented experience.

The packaging for this oil is lovely and very luxe. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper that is really easy to use. The scent is amazing and creates a nice spa-like experience when using it. It is totally calming and not irritating or overwhelming. I suffer from sinus issues and it doesn't trigger me at all. The oil is easy to apply and glides over my skin. It's absorbed quickly and leaves my skin feeling supple, smooth and plump looking - always a good thing! I was left with a bit of a shine to my skin during the day but that was quickly fixed with a bit of powder. I prefered to use this at night time in conjunction with the In Essence Overnight Treatment Oil. I haven't noticed a massive difference to my fine lines or wrinkles but my skin is smoother and glowing after I use this oil. Combined with the relaxing, calming scent, it's a pleasant oil to use. Any Tips?: Only a couple of drops are needed for the entire face and neck. Ideal For...: Anyone - I have oil prone skin and it's been fine.

Helen D.2018-01-30
Smooths the skin.

I have never tried anything from the In Essence range before, and hadn't heard about the properties of Camellia oil so was very interested to be part of this trail team. The produce comes in a lovely blue glass jar with a silver lid that has a dropper which is used to lift the oil from the jar. The instructions say use 2 to 3 drops to cover face and neck and 3 drops was perfect. So the first thing is that it is good value for money as I can see that it will last a long time. I found the best way to apply was to place the 3 drops on the back of my left hand so I could then blend on my face & neck easily. It is a clear oil with no smell. You can obviously tell it is an oil but once blended it doesn't leave any oily or sticky residue. My skin felt immediately smoother and this lasted the whole day. I have been using this every morning for 2 weeks and the biggest difference I can see in my skin was that the tone was much more even. I'm a natural redhead with lots of freckles, so this is something that really appeals to me. The instructions are to use this under your moisturiser, and I definitely did still need to add this, so I wouldn't say it gives intense hydration. Any Tips?: Apply to back of hand first. Ideal For...: Uneven skin tone. People who like to use essential oils.

Nourishment for dry skin.

Thank you to beautyheaven and In Essence for sending me this product to test along with the Overnight Repair Treatment Oil for the trial team. I have to admit I've never used an In Essence product before and since I recently decided to stick to natural and organic skin care products this was a great opportunity for me. My skin has been on the dry side recently, coming out of winter and also being pregnant has for some reason left my skin feeling parched and looking tired. I have mostly been using facial oils in place of the serum" or treatment step in my routine anyway so I wasn't nervous about using an oil on my skin.I loved the bottle this oil comes in it is a translucent glass slimline bottle with a lovely blue colour a silver coloured screw top lid which has a little button on top that allows you to dispense the oil from the dropper in a very controlled way. The only comment I could possibly make against this design is that the blue colour to me was more intuitively suited to the "overnight" treatment oil (which is in a yellow version of the bottle).The oil itself is very light and clear. I dispensed a couple of drops on my hand and then patted or gently rubbed into the skin on my face and neck. It absorbed so readily and left no trace of oil on my skin. The fragrance was quite pleasant a light floral scent that didn't linger or cause discomfort. After using this treatment oil for a couple of weeks I am pleased to say my skin has really improved. The dryness is less noticeable and also my skin feels more smooth and is more youthful looking with less noticeable lines. This ticks all the boxes for me in terms of a treatment that is natural and organic and has really helped the condition of my skin to improve. I would definitely continue to use this in my skincare routine and recommend it to others who have similar skin concerns. Any Tips?: I found it gave me an extra hydration boost when my skin was very dry to add a drop or two of the oil to my moisturiser as well as using as a treatment oil prior to moisturising. Ideal For...: This product was perfect for my dry and mature skin.

beauty obsession.2018-01-30

I've been wanting to try this oil for a while and after reading the reviews on BH was sold! I'm a huge user of oils and they are a big part of my skincare regime. I've read the benefits of camellia oil however have never used so was excited to try. Firstly the bottle is exquisite, looking like a high end luxurious department store brand. It comes in a transparent blue glass bottle with a stylish silver coloured dropper. This is 100% pure camellia oil and nothing else. It has a clear colour with a subtle pleasant fresh scent. Not overpowering. I massage a few drops of this into my skin and it absorbs nicely with no greasy residue. After using this for several weeks both day and night my skin feels nourished and hydrated. I started using this over the start of winter and it helped clear up a few dry patches. It's also helped soften the look of a few fine lines around the eyes and forehead. My skin has had a healthy radiant glimpses w from using this! I've been using this either alone or under a night cream or during day before sunblock followed by makeup. It provides a nice base for my makeup. I thoroughly enjoy using this oil and it feels like a luxurious treatment with the packaging and all. I'm yet to try the night treatment in the same range which comes in similar packaging with additional ingredients and would love to incorporate the night oil into my routine. I loved this oil and will continue using in my regime. Just beautiful!! Ideal For...: Most skin types

Nourishing for dry and mature skin.

In Essence Organic Camellia Facial Oil is housed in a blue glass bottle with a silver dropper dispenser. The camellia oil has no colour and it has a neutral scent. Camellia oil has about 85% oleic acid, which is similar to a person's natural sebum. It is rich in vitamin E, polyphenols and antioxidants. Camellia oil is an excellent emollient that has soothing, softening and balancing benefits for the skin. I was curious as to the purity of the In Essence camellia oil, so I emailed the company to ask about this. Pat Princi-Jones, the National Education Manager Aromatherapy, assured me that their camellia oil is cold-pressed, and it is not refined or chemically extracted. Their camellia oil is sourced from Australian organic growers. I have read many descriptions for camellia oil, and they say that it easily absorbs into the skin. When I used In Essence camellia oil, I felt that it sat on the surface of my skin for a very long time. The oil almost felt like a silicone-based primer, but without the slippery quality of a primer. There are different botanical varieties of camellia oil, so I assume that the In Essence camellia oil has a heavier consistency than other varieties. Generally, I'm not a fan of occlusive skin care products, but the In Essence camellia oil made my dry and mature skin feel so much softer and smoother that I did not mind its occlusive quality. Anyway, occlusive products can form a protective layer on the skin that locks in hydration. After using the camellia oil each night, I realised that I was probably applying too much of it. I then applied a smaller amount of the oil on damp skin. Even with the reduced amount of oil, my skin still felt softer and smoother in the morning. I haven't fully explored the benefits of camellia oil, so I can see me buying more camellia oil in the future. Any Tips?: Camellia oil has a shelf life of about two years. Store the oil in a cool and dark location.

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