Essential Candle Diffuser – White (Out of Stock)

Create your own personal aromatic environment; at home, office or when travelling.

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Out of stock
  • Essential Candle Diffuser - White 8851102 Box


  • Essential Candle Diffuser - White 8851102 Box


  • Essential Candle Diffuser - White 8851102 Box


  • Essential Candle Diffuser - White 8851102 Box


  • Essential Candle Diffuser - White 8851102 Box

    100% PURE


This classic ceramic candle Diffuser is designed for use with pure essential oils to create your own personal aromatic environment; at home, office or when travelling. All ceramic Diffusers are glazed to ensure essential oils do not penetrate porous ceramic.

Caution: Do not leave burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children. Always use your Diffuser with In Essence pure essential oils and water – never alone.

How to use this product

Place your Diffuser on a stable, heat resistant and non-flammable surface. Make certain that the flame is protected from drafts and flammable objects such as curtains.
Completely fill the bowl of the Diffuser with room temperature water. Filling the bowl with pre-heated water will decrease the diffusing time. Bowl holds approximately 4 hours of water.
We recommend you choose up to 3 In Essence pure essential oils to create your own pure aromatic environment. Add 8 drops in total of your chosen combination to the surface of the water.
Light the candle inside the base unit directly under the centre of the bowl. As the water heats, the oil will evaporate thus releasing the vapours into the air. Top up as required.
To clean – wipe the bowl with a damp cloth.

Caution: Do not leave burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children. Always use your Diffuser with In Essence pure essential oils and water – never alone.


The classic candle vaporiser.

I love my electric vaporisers, but this was my first and I still love it and use it for melts and for in the middle of a table - simple and effective.

Great upgrade.

I have purchased the burner as an upgrade and it completly fulfilled my expectations. It has a deep enough dish which provides a long burning time without any pressure to check the level of water frequently. It is easy to clean too. I am very happy with my burner!

Glossy Ceramic Finish! Classy!.

I love the glossy ceramic finish on this product. It's a light beige, natural cream colour and it stands about 13.5cm hight and is a solid and sturdy design. I love the ambience of it's candle (comes with a taller-than-average sized tealight candle) and has a good wide dish on the top to hold a decent amount of water - approx. 9cm diameter). I have this one near my computer and visually it's appealing with it's candle burning and the the steam gently floating off the top of the dish. A few drops of In Essence oil added to the top of the water, light the candle and away we go. Within 5-10 minutes I have gorgeously scented steam coming from it to breathe in while I'm on the computer. I love this!

So Pampering & Relaxing - Beautorium Product.

I received this product in the last Beautorium. This ceramic candle vaporiser creates such an aromatic, pampering and relaxing mood. To use it, simply add water and a few drops of essential oil to the small dish at the top then light the candle. Within a few minutes the vaporiser releases the lovely scent into the room. My pack came with a small bottle of lavender oil which is such a relaxing scent. I use this candle vaporiser as a nice treat and find it very relaxing.

relaxing and simple.

I received this as part of Beautorium. I have only just used it for the first time today. The candle vaporiser I received came in a cute purple gift box with a ceramic glossed vaporiser, a tealight candle that was double in height than the ordinary ones and a lavender essential oil. There are instructions inside the essential oil however none on how to use it with a candle vaporiser. I went on their website to find out some more info. I ended up filling the sphere shaped dish on top with water (until halfway) and added 4 drops of the oil and lit then candle. Once I opened the oil, the scent was strong, but not too strong. It takes about 10 minutes after burning to really get that lavender scent going. On the box, it said the pack was $24.95 which I think is a steal! I would be interested in purchasing other oil scents in the future and mixing them. I would also look at buying this as a gift.

heidi purrs.2018-01-30
Quality Ceramic Oil Burner.

This is a great oil burner. As a long time user of oil burners, I've been through quite a few, and they're not all created equal! They need to be quality ceramic and not too thin or thick. They also need to be the right size (or height, specifically) as the oil doesn't burn properly if they're too tall and too quickly if they're too short. (These problems can also mean having to constantly check the oil burner to make sure it's not burning away dry, etc, which is hazardous and defeats the purpose!) At 13 or 14 centimetres high, a good width and sturdy design, this oil burner burns slowly and consistently as it should, and lasts a really long time (when it doesn't get knocked off the shelf which mine did, and now I'll need another). Any Tips?: Every home needs one or two of these. Ideal For...: Everybody! These make excellent gifts.

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Essential Candle Diffuser - White $14.98 $29.95
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