Ceramic Electric Diffuser – White

Perfect addition for the home, office, travel or hospital environments.

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  • Ceramic Electric Diffuser - White 8851323 Box


  • Ceramic Electric Diffuser - White 8851323 Box


  • Ceramic Electric Diffuser - White 8851323 Box


  • Ceramic Electric Diffuser - White 8851323 Box


  • Ceramic Electric Diffuser - White 8851323 Box

    100% PURE


The elegant and versatile ceramic electric Diffuser is ideal for home, office, travel or hospital environments. Features a safety light with on/off switch. Diffuses over a 4-7 hour period under normal conditions. Available in White and Stone colours. All ceramic Diffusers are glazed to ensure essential oils do not penetrate porous ceramic.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Always use your Diffuser with In Essence pure essential oils and water – never alone

How to use this product

Place your Diffuser and plate on a stable, heat resistant and non-flammable surface.
Completely fill the bowl of the Diffuser with room temperature water. Filling the bowl with pre-heated water will decrease the diffusing time. Bowl holds approximately 6-8 hours of water.
We recommend you choose up to 3 In Essence pure essential oils to create your own pure aromatic environment. Add 8 drops in total of your chosen combination to the surface of the water.
Switch the unit on. As the water heats, the oil will evaporate thus releasing the vapours into the air. Top up as required.
To clean – wipe the bowl with a damp cloth or with 2 drops of In Essence Eucalyptus Essential Oil.


The original electric.

This was my first electric vaporiser. We also used one at work every day for months and months. It was very effective and worked like a trooper. It was also super easy to clean and very effective.

Effective and safe to use.

I had been using an electric vaporiser from another brand; and it worked well. When the vaporiser stopped working, I bought the In Essence Ceramic Electric Vaporiser. Compared to my previous vaporiser, the In Essence Ceramic Electric Vaporiser has some design features that make it a superior product: it has a deep bowl for water, it has an on/off switch, and it has a light which lets you know when the vaporiser is on. Having a large bowl for water is a great feature because it means you don't have to refill the bowl as often. If you are using an electric vaporiser, please do not leave the room unattended while it is on. I say this because occasionally I have gone to an adjacent room and forgot that I still had the vaporiser on. When I returned, the water had evaporated and the essential oils had left a burnt residue at the bottom of the bowl. In each instance, the vaporiser did not overheat and I was able to clean most of the residue away. For this reason, I have just bought the In Essence Ultra Sonic Vaporiser which has an automatic timer that cuts out. I will continue to use my In Essence Ceramic Electric Vaporiser, and if and when it dies, I will buy another one. Both appliances have unique benefits. Any Tips?: Switch off the vaporiser if you go to another room! After you have finished using the vaporiser, clean up any residue of oil.

Efficient and safe to use.

I have been wanting to buy one of these for a long time and finally Myer had a sale and bought one today . This design is in a white colour and surprisingly was quite easy to use as always I worry about fire hazards and overheating whenever I hear the word vapouriser . As per instructions I poured approximatley 80mls water on top with six drops of oil ( I used peppermint ) and then turn on the safety switch . What I found impressive was I could smell the scent of the oil in about a minute and when I touch the bowl, the exterior was warmish , but the oil was hot and thought the ceramic bowl was very good at safely covering the heat . I could even touch the bowl with my bare hands making sure it wasn't overheating . Just a note , that this product cannot be used overnight and does not have an automatic off button. This part doesn't concern me because I would be too scared to fall asleep next to it anyway . A really good item and next I will be testing the lavender one for a calming evening . Any Tips?: Use in an area where you are able to keep an eye on it when in use. Ideal For...: day or evening use in any room .

Simmers The Chosen Fragrance Around The Room!!.

This plugs into the electrical socket to heat up water which sits in the top. Not a lot of water is needed and it just warms enough to heat the few drops of oil floating around in it. I love the quality of this and the colour is perfect for my home too - it's a light creamy beige. It has a glossy appearance and has a little light on the front to show if it is on or not. It's very simple to use and I love this! I have the Breathe easy formula made by In Essence to use with this. The Vaporiser heats up within minutes and it is safe to use because it does not feel hot or anything like that. It's sturdy design makes me confident to use even in the children's rooms - it's great if they have a cold! It's easy to clean every few months with some gentle cream cleanser. My tip is to keep the water filled up - but it does last several hours even though not much water is needed. Fantastic product! I love it and highly recommend this!

I feel calmer already....

I was a lucky winner in the In Essence Embrace Competition and received a Ceramic Vaporiser and orange, Bergamot and Clary Sage oil in the post. I was worried that the oil might me a bit overwhelming (ironic when Clary Sage its actually a calming/ balancing oil) , and in a small room it is... To set it up, its just some warm water in the bowl, add a few drops of oil and voila. I suppose I could cut back on the drops to lessen the intensity of the fragrance. I have set it up in my laundry, but had to put a cover over the vaporiser (upside down washing basket) as I didn't want my cats to drink from the bowl...yes, they would try it. The fragrance is energising, that's something we all need in the laundry. I'm keen to try some other oils as well- the vaporiser is great, I can see it moving into the bedroom to calm myself when I'm restless or into the kitchen to uplift me in the morning! Great product- thanks. Any Tips?: Cut back on the drops. You can always increase the fragrance, but you cant take it back! Experiment with different oils... Ideal For...: Restless people (in the bedroom), hard working mums and dads (relaxing in the bathroom)...and everyone in between. UPDATE YOUR REVIEW

InEssence your on a winner with the electric vaporiser.

I am impressed by the results I am getting from the In Essence vaporiser, I am getting better results from burning candles, my whole house now smells amazing. I also like the fact that you can play around with different oils to address things like stress, colds and just a nice smelling home without a naked flame. Although it uses that so expensive power it has to be cheaper than buying $40 candles every week. Oh and it's so simple to use, I love it. Any Tips?: Forget having to purchase expensive candles every week. Ideal For...: Helping with some ailments like stress, colds and flu and reenergising our tired bodies and minds.

Aromatherapy made Easy.

I've had my In Essence ceramic electric Vaporiser for over 4 years. It's a wonderfully simple way to enjoy the therapeutic and aromatic benefits of essential oils. Whether you want to bring some ambience to a room or use it for health or relaxation purposes, it's ideal. Fill the bowl (or half-fill if only having it on for a short time) with water, then add 8-10 drops (or 4-5 drops if half full) of essential oil/s. This amount of water will be sufficient for vaporising for 4 to 7 hours. It has a small white light on the front that lights up when in use and an on/off switch on the cord so you don't need to switch it off at the power point. There are many Lifestyle essential oil blends available from In Essence ranging from Relaxation to Celebration as well as Ambience blends - everything from a Thai temple to Zanzibar and back to an Australian bush blend - I have a fondness for their Tahitian Escape! You can of course make your own blends (a few drops each of 2 to 3 essential oils) or use one - Lavender is a favourite of mine and gives a great night's sleep. And if you are stuffed up with sinus or a cold, a suitable blend will find you waking clear headed. This is a very sturdy appliance and looks good in any dor. And it doesn't get hot on the outside - warm to touch, but you do need to be careful of the water when in use - it doesn't boil and bubble, but is below simmering point, so you do need to be careful around small children. I would have given this 5 stars, except I recently purchased their new Ultra Sonic Vaporiser which is 5+ stars!

Great vaporiser without the fire risk!.

Got this vaporiser as a GWP from David Jones. Works well in diffusing the fragrance through out our down stairs lounge/kitchen area. Not overwhelming and leaves a nice subtle scent. Does not overheat and is a great alternative to the candle vaporisers. Will be purchasing more fragrance oils to use with this vaporiser. Any Tips?: Clean after use as the oil tends to build up at the bottom of the bowl. Hard to remove once dried.

Safe Aromatherapy!.

I was looking for a vaporiser/fragrance diffuser that did not use candles as it was a safety risk if left for long periods. This ceramic electric vaporiser was perfect! Diffused the fragrance to the whole room! Only thing they should've added was an automatic safety switch that turns off the machine after a period of time. We have left this on overnight a couple of times because we forgot about it and it left burnt oil residue on the machine. RESPONSE FROM IN ESSENCE: The Electric Vaporiser is not designed to be left on overnight as it provides between 5 and 7 hours of vaporising time, depending on ambient temperature. It contains an on/off switch but not an automatic timer. We have recently introduced the Ultra Sonic Vaporiser which operates for up to 3 hours at a time and features a timer with automatic shut off. It works on the vibration of water particles instead of heat or flame so can safely be left on overnight. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 650 981.

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