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Improving Sleep In Winter

Winter is here! With less sunlight exposure and more time spent inside with the heater at full volume, our body can feel fatigued and ultimately lead to a disrupted sleep cycle. We can improve our sleep by making changes to our winter lifestyle.

Separate your sleep space from your workspace. Go outside during the day and get the recommended 30 minutes of sunlight. Exercise will wake your body up and help you feel more alert.

Make your sleep space a calm and tranquil sanctuary. Block out the light and put your mobile phone back in the draw. Blue light disrupts sleep patterns, particularly in REM sleep- a stage in our sleep that consolidates memories. Create a sleep ritual and utilise calming essential oils to prepare you for bed. By creating an environment for winding down, that differs from our living space your body recognises time for sleep vs time for life, helping improve your sleep quality and energy levels.

Blend Your Own

Create your own sleep blend using two drops of Geranium, Lavender, and Orange Pure Essential Oils in your diffuser.

Geranium can assist in relieving symptoms of stress, mild anxiety, and nervous tension, all of which can keep you up at night.

Lavender is an iconic Pure Essential Oil that helps relieve symptoms of sleeplessness and is used traditionally for its calming properties.

Orange is a potent nerve tonic used for relief of sleeplessness and symptoms of the common cold.

Tying these ingredients together will help melt away the stress of the day and encourage sleep.

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Try Our Cult-favourite Sleep Blend

In Essence, ‘ie: Sleep therapeutic blend’ is a trusted and loved formula. So much so that 100+ consumers purchase this blend every day! You can safely DIFFUSE this Pure Essential Oil at home for the entire family. Simply add 6-9 drops to assist in winding down nervous tension and stress while also helping to relieve symptoms of mild insomnia and sleeplessness.

Bonus: you can buy this formula in a roll-on and mist format for a massage or spritz.

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