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How to Use Pure Essential Oils to Manage Menopause

Menopause, although challenging can be one of the most powerful life changing processes in a woman’s life. Just like puberty it requires management, nurturing and understanding. In Essence essential oils can be of benefit during menopause because of their soothing, balancing and harmonising effect on both the body and emotions.

Beating the blues & feeling insecure:
Essential Oils: Geranium, Bergamot, Rose

Lifestyle Blends: Relaxation, Confidence

Methods of Use: Vaporisation, Aromatic Tissue

Day & Night Sweats:
Essential Oils: Grapefruit, Lime, Geranium

Methods of Use: Add 2 drops of each to 12ml Jojoba. Massage all over the body daily

Dry Skin Conditions:
Essential Oils: Neroli, Lavender, Rose

Methods of Use: Facial Compress, Massage

Headaches & Dizziness:
Essential Oils: Lavender, Orange, Mandarin

Lifestyle Blends: Relaxation, Harmony

Methods of Use: Vaporisation, Aromatic Tissue

Hot Flushes:
Essential Oils: Peppermint, Geranium, Lavender

Methods of Use: Facial Compress, Spritz or Bathing

Essential Oils: Lavender, Orange, Neroli

Lifestyle Blends: Relaxation, Harmony

Methods of Use: Vaporisation, Massage

Method of Use Information:
Vaporise: Add 6-9 drops in total of chosen essential oils to water in the top of your vaporiser.

Massage: Add 6 drops to 12ml of Sweet Almond and massage onto area of discomfort.

In Essence Body Rub: A beautiful ritual to reconnect with femininity. Add 6 drops of chosen oils to 12ml Jojoba. Apply to the body, starting from the feet and working up towards the neck with a vigorous circular motion.

Spritz: Add 6 drops in total to 100ml water. Shake well before spritzing.

Aromatic Tissue: 1-3 drops onto folded tissue and inhale.

Bathing: Add 6 drops in total to a teaspoon of Sweet Almond before dispensing into bath water.

Compress: Choose 3 essential oils and add 2 drops of each to a basin of warm water. Agitate the water thoroughly. Soak a face cloth in the water, wring out slightly, press the cloth to the face, holding for 5 seconds. Release and repeat.


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