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Make Your Bathroom Cosy With Essential Oils

Winter has well and truly arrived and it’s freezing outside. The grass is frosty, the wind has turned is a little icy, and the sky is all but covered in grey. So, how do you combat the cold months and make it through to the sunshine on the other side? By transforming your bathroom into an amazing, comfortable retreat. Envisage beautiful candles, the hum of a heater, fragrant essential oils and soft, fluffy towels sitting beside a glowing bath. Read on below for the ultimate guide that will help to turn your bathroom into a hidden winter escape.  

Essential oils

Disperse amazing aromas throughout your bathroom with essential oils. Uplifting scents will delight the senses and bring a calmness to the area. Choose delicate lavender to soothe the mind and revitalising grapefruit or neroli to lift your energy – the healing properties of pure essential oils are a diverse way to target a range of ailments.


Get sultry with your layout by scattering gorgeous candles in high and low places. Include a range of wonderful colours throughout to complement the tone of your space. Warm shades accentuate a homely feeling, so focus on reds, oranges and yellows as a good first step. In time, add a fancy dual wick to further enchant the eyes.


No decadent bathroom would be complete without a collection of soft and fluffy towels. Look out for a thread that feels amazing against your skin. Remember, you want something with enough comfort to lure you out of a warm shower in the morning, or a hot bath in the evening. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is made by a quality craftsman. Turkish and Egyptian cotton blends will leave your body in pure bliss on cold and frosty days. 


Let’s start with the necessities and position a gentle heater in the middle of your bathroom. Look for a modest design that isn’t too loud and won’t draw too much attention. The heat emitted should be soft enough to comfort but not dry out your skin or hair. Eco-friendly options are great because they protect the environment and won’t run up your power bill. A quality device will help to transform your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. 

Bath soaps

Drift away and let your muscles relax in a wonderfully hot tub. Luxurious bath products will upgrade your experience to one of pure decadence. Try honey and oatmeal soaps to leave your skin feeling soft and supple or fruity bath bombs for an explosion of colour. For a tired body that needs some extra recuperation, add a handful of magnesium flakes and wait for the magic to happen.

Your comfortable new bathroom

Avoid the winter chill by heeding our advice and transforming your special space into a luxurious escape. Include everything that we have listed, and you will never have to suffer through the cold months again. 

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