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Discover The Power of Healing Essential Oils

Here at In Essence, we spend most of our time explaining what the best blends and ingredients are for therapeutic use.

So, if by now you’ve amassed a large selection of Pure Essential Oils but you’re not too sure the best way to utilise them, we’ve got you covered. Sure, we’ve discussed topics such as managing period pains, symptoms of hay fever and more, but what are some of the best ways to use our essential oils and range of products in your day to day life?

Whether you’re looking to reduce muscle tension, improve your mood, fight fatigue or simply need a time out to relax, keep reading to find out how to make the most out of these healing oils.


There’s nothing like diffusing your Pure Essential Oils on a Saturday morning with an In Essence diffuser – it’s an incredibly uplifting way to start the day! If you love diffusing pure essential oils in the morning as much as we do , we recommend using a particularly stimulating and uplifting combination of oils to keep you motivated and boost your mood throughout the day. When it comes to diffusing during the evening hours before bedtime, opt for something soothing. When oils are diffused into the air and inhaled, particles go through the olfactory system to our brains and limbic system – this is where memories, emotions and pleasure are recorded. Enjoy the profound effects that Pure Essential Oil inhalation can have on your mind and body.

Simply fill your diffuser with water and add 6-9drops in total.

Roll on

An extremely convenient way to harness the therapeutic properties of nature, simply opt for an In Essence roll on. Whether you’re at work, travelling, or out for brunch and feel that you need a pick-me-up, our roll on range is ideal for on-the-go relief no matter what the situation. These products are already blended in a carrier oil base, either  Almond or Grapeseed to allow for convenient and safe topical application.

Simply apply a small amount up to 6 times a day to your chest, back, abdomen or wrist to reap the therapeutic benefits. 


A mini pick me up known to provide immediate symptomatic relief, our selection of balms consist of Pure Essential Oil blends that have been infused in a botanical base of Coconut Oil, beeswax and hydrogenated Castor Oil. Unlike other over-the-counter balms, our products are petroleum free and 100% natural, ideal for topical use when you’re travelling or feel that you need quick relief of symptoms.

Simple and easy, use apply the balm to the  chest, back or abdomen as required throughout the day.  


Freshening up your living or working space is like a positive reset for the mind. Simply fill the air in your chosen room for both aromatic and therapeutic benefits of your chosen Pure Essential Oils. Our mists can also be used as body mists if applied lightly to the abdomen, chest or back. One of the most popular ways to use this simple and easy mist is to spray it onto your pillow – think Lavender, Chamomile and Mandarin for a calm and deep sleep like no other. If you’d like to create your own DIY mist with our oils, you can! Simply choose three of your favourite Pure Essential Oils and add a total of 5 drops to 100ml of a spritz bottle filled with water. Simply shake well, and spritz the face or surrounding area. It’s that simple. 

Lightly spray the mist in your chosen room, pillow or your body (avoid eye area).

Discover the range of products available at In Essence designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, at a time that’s convenient to you. Turn your home into a spa-like space or take a travel sized companion with you to work for days when you need a boost.


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