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Facial treatment for acne prone skin

Soothe red and inflamed, acne prone skin with this easy to make natural treatment.

What you need:
– 20 ml Jojoba Oil
– 2-3 drops Roman Chamomile in jojoba 2.5% Pure Essential Oil
– 1 drop Patchouli Pure Essential Oil
– 1 drop Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

1. Combine the ingredients in a dark-glass bottle with a dropper cap. Store in a cool dry place.
2. Warm a few drops onto finger tips and pat onto face and neck after cleansing the skin. Avoid eye area.
These oils will penetrate deeply into the skin surface and work their magic as you sleep.

How it works:
Jojoba tones, balances and soothes problem skin as well as nourish and hydrate dry, irritated conditions. Roman Chamomile is hailed for its soothing effect to relieve and calm inflamed skin. It helps to balance and cool the skin.
Patchouli is well-known for soothing and healing the skin. Its antiseptic properties are healing while its astringent properties balance sebum production to normalize acne-prone skin. Frankincense , encourages the renewal of skin cells and makes your skin look and feel smoother. A powerhouse combination to help support your recovery to healthier, supple skin.

Note: Patchouli has a potent odour as well as colour. So take care it doesn’t mark your pillowcase.

Recipe by Aromatherapy Expert & Author of ‘A Scented Life‘, Pat Princi-Jones


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