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Essential Oils 101

Pure essential oils are naturally occurring extracts from aromatic plants. They are regarded as the life force of the plant and act as a defence mechanism. When extracted, the essential oil produced is highly potent and contains its own unique healing properties.

Essential oils are volatile essences which evaporate very quickly especially once exposed to the air. The versatility of the use of essential oils and their psychological as well as physical impact on the body, make them powerful remedies. Today, scientific research has demonstrated the antiseptic effectiveness of essential oils.

They are not water soluble and yet their oily makeup allows them to penetrate the skin effectively which makes them perfect for massage with carrier oil.

ESSENTIAL OILS OCCUR in the flowers, leaves woods, gums, seeds, roots, grasses and fruit rind. Once extracted, they contain their own distinctive aroma. Most impressively each essential oil has its own unique chemistry and is made up of hundreds of individual chemical components. Even the same plant grown in different regions, or plants picked at different times of the season will produce slightly different chemistry in the essential oil.