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DIY Blends For Beginners

Start your aromatherapy journey with must-have Pure Essential Oil blends.

The All-Rounders Kit $82.85

Beginning your aromatherapy journey? The all-rounders kit is a diverse blend of Pure Essential Oils handing you the essentials to start crafting your own unique blends. We’ve got you covered from the relaxing aroma of Lavender, energising and minty Peppermint and soothing benefits of Bergamot.

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Floral Fusion Kit $124.85

The sweet smell of floral blends Geranium and Rose Otto paired with Orange creates an uplifting blend that supports relief of symptoms associated with stress. Just diffuse 2 drops of each when you’re wanting to boost the mood.

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Detoxify & Energise Kit $104.85

The Detoxify & Energise kit is an invigorating blend with detoxifying Lemongrass, uplifting Lime and purifying Juniper Berry. Use this combination for supporting total detox of inner function from symptoms of a sore throat to the relief of symptoms of mild arthritis.

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